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To a Professor

(The cutest doll you'll ever meet, a genius who takes the class by storm - riding in like the East Wind, with her bright saris and colorful jewelry)
Who these crude urchins That with their low murmurs Untimely sniggers and straying eyes Disturb thee so, my lady?
Shall I seal their mouths That ope and shut – ope and shut Like vile pistons of an ever-running engine Consuming patience and going in cycles, rattling and sputtering and splashing and stumbling and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and – oh! But softly, in undertones That annoy you so
Shall I employ emotional blackmail And threaten them into silence For fear of causing thee pain And if not that, then of offending my lady
Or shall I use brute force Thusly: along with your sweet pet, I shall gag them and hit them and step on their shoes And lead them out of this Class By their ears
Say the word, my lady
Anything for you.

On the topic of kisses


Kisses are poems
Some - epic narratives; tales of conquest
Some - sorrowful ballads
Some - short, sweet, affectionate sonnets
Others - haikus for the heart
Yours, though -
Yours are heroic couplets
And phrases and mere addresses and looks
That steal my breath.