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You realize you've moved to colder lands when...

1. You understand night-time slippers. Also socks, coats, shawls, hats, sweater-vests, scarves and rugs. Rugs!!
2. You recoil at the touch of metal, ceramic, stone, tile, plastic - even cloth.
3. You skip bathing in the morning. And at night. Perfect time to bathe: long hot shower after school college.
4. You blog to kill time as the water heater works its magic. No liquid comes in contact with this body unless it's at least 40 degrees Centigrade.
5. You wake up sore because your human blanket burrito situation all night wouldn't let you move.
6. You wear tights under tracks. Actually - tights under pants, tights under skirts, tights under pajamas, tights under shorts, tights under tights.
7. You don't get into the shower even though the heater's been on for at least 10 minutes now, because you're too damn comfortable on your bed with your laptop, pillow and stuffed toys, and blankets successfully wrapped around you, over your head. And now that your leg is asleep…