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The do's and don't's of surviving homesickness:
first of all and most importantly, do not allow yourself self-pitydo keep your mind occupied at all times. In the shower, when you get time to "reflect," count the seconds or sing very, very loudly. Just before going to sleep, cuddle a soft toy and list all the things you're going to do the next day. During meals, just as your eyes lose focus and your mind sinks into deep thought, snap out of it! Count the number of grains of rice if you must. Watch anime, T.V. or even read a not allow yourself the time to thinkstay busy, if you can't man up and suck it in - go shopping, visit friends, solve puzzles watch pointless sitcoms, visit family, sleep through it, obsessively unpack, arrange, rearrange and clean your keep hydrated and well-feddo not eat your emotionsdo draw, paint, craft, sculpt, play an instrument, go to the gym, lose yourself in instagram, Facebook, Vine, Wattpad (yes, even th…