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Five years from now will you call me
Even when you've got a job and responsibility

When you've got clients to impress
And deadlines and stress

When you wake up late on Sunday
Will you remember how much I have loved you today

Five years from now will you still love me?

(why I should not live alone)

The thing is, I want my people in my life, all my life. I like them a lot, and I want us to still have intellectual conversations when we're really, really old. I want us to read good books that we've suggested to each other. I want us to meet every weekend for tea or coffee or even a walk in the park - who cares - even when we're fifty. I want us to be deep-thoughts-friends even when they've got jobs and I'm living off the money I make from my paintings.

I want all that with what we've got now, but the question is, is what we've got now enough?