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This summer has been riddled with visits from cousins, visits to cousins, visits with cousins to other cousins.. and I actually enjoyed it!

For the past twelve years I have been under the impression that all my cousins are total dweebs, save for one, who I thought a dweeb as well, but not to the extent of the rest. It is somewhat true, but when and how did I ever get the idea that I am not one, as well? In retrospect, it seems I have actually been a jerk!

I have been surprised multiple times in the past two months, by the coolness of the people around me, and my lack thereof, in dealing with them. For instance, someone I thought was a frenemy is in fact a wonderful, gracious person, and a sincere friend. My cousin who made an ass of himself years back, is a skilled artist, and fun person. Another cousin broke out of his shell, subsequently breaking mine, and we bonded over a family dinner. My little cousin sister reminded me of the importance of guardian angels in our lives, a sorry …