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Superhero Trope: No More to Gain?

I've been thinking about superhero movies, as in the superhero trope, and I feel that humanity no longer has use for it. The only purpose it serves now is to make bigger, cooler heroes and bigger, badder supervillains. Or to mutate the hero as an accidental hero or a transformed villain. What do you think?

Swag child

(Found this in an old diary)

I am strong
I am smart
This is MY song
This is my heart

I will not break
Pain is give and take
You push and I'll shove
This one rule we love

I matter, you don't
You can fight, but I won't -
I don't need to
Being me is enough to beat you.

Haircut fail guyz.

Don't do it. Don't trim your hair before it's ready. Have patience. Wait a month or two.

Christmas Concerts, yayayayayay!!

Magnificat starts tomorrow and I am too excited to possibly blog about anything else.

As you know (if you've stalked this blog (like some people :3)) I'm in my college choir and it is fun and takes up 73% of my life but I'm not complaining. We organize an annual 3-day open-to-all Christmas concert called Magnificat - A Song of Hope in the first weekend of December and choirs from all over the city come and perform and delight us with their choral harmony in the spirit of Christmas. Magnificat is presently in its 10th year, and this year, it's going to be 4 days - 4th, 5th, 6th and 12th December!
We have been slogging for the backdrop and props creation for two weeks now and we have these adorable glittery string lanterns ready that we made using some mad string and glue and starch and water and the bonds of friendship, and holly and wreaths and a cool rad set list and even though other choirs are probably going to be more cheerful and Christmas-ey, we are still the hosts…

Monday morning epiphany

Everyone has an ulterior motive for everything. But that's alright. "Ulterior motives" is a colorless term. What matters is what exactly the ulterior motive in question is.

TrulyMadly, meh

This week I shall review the TrulyMadly app for those that are curious to know how, or rather if, it works.

Okay, ladies, you have many, many options to choose from. A large bunch of the boys I was shown were really cute. You can set your preference as per age, height, state and city; furthermore the app matches the books you've read, movies you've watched, music you listen to and restaurants you visit to those of your "matches" (as the boys whose profiles you're shown are called). The app uses hashtags (minimum 3, maximum 5) to match personality traits, I'm guessing, since the suggestions that matched #artist #bookworm #writer #singer #vegan were mostly foodies, adventure junkies, music snobs, nature seekers, travel buffs, photography types or animal lovers. In the beginning I went a little like-happy, "liking" almost 75% of the profiles I was shown. After conversations with a few of them I realized the necessity for scrutiny and filtering and drop…

"That's what makes you beautiful"

Is it? Why is being clueless about your beauty considered an addition to it? Doesn't it imply either stupidity or insecurity or both?

In all the time that I've had to think in this past week, especially with the absence of my phone, I've concluded that being unaware of your beauty is just another cultural imposition, like "How sweet, she doesn't know she's beautiful. What a darling." There's a billion songs out there, too, reinforcing this nonsense modesty and actually making insecurity an important contributor to teenage likeability. 
I'm sorry, but if an attractive person did not see himself/herself that way, they would either be unhealthily insecure, stupid or (I mean this with no disrespect) blind. Unfortunately, though, in today's world, if you're clueless about how pretty you are, you're cute and adorable, but if you're aware of how pretty you are, you're considered (very rarely) intimidatingly beautiful or (most likely) …

Don't get excited because everything fails

This week I shall wallow in undeserved self-pity about my bad luck, poor timing and general misfortune.
So I just wrote a beautiful philosophical article on the importance of not eating on the bed and the lessons you learn in PG-life and how, more often than you'd like, your mom is right. Turns out, your dad is also right, and you should save your work every time you get up, even if it's just to pee, because I've just lost that article. It is now in the abyss, in the void, among unpublished blog posts that never saw the light because the person who wrote them wasn't paying attention (unlike me. I only went downstairs to receive a care package from home that contained the two dry fruits that I despise, in insanely large quantities.) Let me document this fail weekend in my life:
Friday night to Saturday morning: some time in my sleep, I was bitten by a red ant in the eye region, resulting in a very attractive blue-lipped, pale-faced, slightly loopy, partly-homeless-partly-…

Movie idealism

Of the numerous genres available in the film industry today, action is the worst offender as far as the perpetration of blind hate, violence, sexism and amorality is concerned. Granted, the various censor boards deserve recognition for their enthusiastic campaign against sleaze, tobacco, booze, graphic details and the associated evils. However, their utter indifference regarding the CONTENT of action movies is disturbing.

Young, impressionable children, when exposed to the attitude their favorite movie-stars have to adopt when portraying gangsters or mafia, begin to emulate it. The concepts of masculinity, masochism and chauvinism cease to be different, and they grow up to be "tough guys", who have learnt how to treat women, from criminals. Movies today propagate the 'bad boy' image as cool, popular and ideal. And young schoolboys who don't know better accept this image!
At this rate, the Indian society can only be described as kicking down the doors to crime, chao…

Life in a PG is environmentally irresponsible

In an entire day, a hostel or pg-dweller does more damage to the environment than he/she would do in a week at home.
Starting from midnight (because most are usually awake until much after), the obvious offenses are: keeping multiple lights on (if more than one light is available), keeping the chargers (yes, multiple chargers – for the phone, laptop, mp3 player, roommate’s phone’s charger, roommate’s laptop’s charger etc) plugged in, leaving the fan switched on while huddled under a nice, soft comforter, playing loud music (yes it’s an offense. What do you think your neighbors would term it as?) (especially after midnight) and so on. The less obvious offenses are: ordering takeout just before closing time, eating the pizza/noodles/whatever hours later, realizing that it’s cold and no longer delicious, and then heating it in the microwave and, realizing that it just isn’t the same and upon loss of appetite, throwing it in the bin, which, quite likely, is the same for wet and dry trash. …

Vegan Ice Cream Recipe


300 mL super-thick coconut milk
1 large banana, sliced

4 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp pancake syrup
3 tbsp maida

50 mL ice-cold water

Blend coconut milk and banana slices generously Mix sugar, cinnamon, flour, syrup;  Heat in microwave for 40 seconds Keep a cloth-type strainer on the rim of the blender Pour ^mixture into said cloth-type strainer Pour the ice-cold water into the strainer, use a spoon if necessary to push the contents into the blender
Remove strainer (:P) and blend
Pour into airtight container and stick it in the FREEZER, After two hours, blend semisolid contents. After two more hours, blend contents. Leave undisturbed for three hours.


(this was in the past. I no longer feel this way so it was okay to post it and get rid of one more draft in my post list)

Now your smarts do not suffice
Nor your humor or sage advice
I want more, I want you
And a spinning hug every day, or two

Darkside Cat Don't Know What It's Done

there's a little black cat
they call him Hamartia
he's a cute little brat
he was the death of Marcia

don't blame the little black cat
it don't know what it's done
when you saw it cross your path
should've seen trouble come
Marcia lived in fear
when kitty wasn't near
her death came a' the hands of an engineer

don't blame the dark side cat
that cat is innocent - well
you think you gave your all
but whatever can go wrong, will
Marcia fell in love
but she was paranoid
Mr engineer got tired

(Marcia died of a broken heart)
the darkness is within you
it's not your fault that it's there
but it its and it could kill you
yeh KNOW that cat is innocent

daaaark siiiiiide caaaaaaat
don't know what it's done


Five years from now will you call me
Even when you've got a job and responsibility

When you've got clients to impress
And deadlines and stress

When you wake up late on Sunday
Will you remember how much I have loved you today

Five years from now will you still love me?

(why I should not live alone)

The thing is, I want my people in my life, all my life. I like them a lot, and I want us to still have intellectual conversations when we're really, really old. I want us to read good books that we've suggested to each other. I want us to meet every weekend for tea or coffee or even a walk in the park - who cares - even when we're fifty. I want us to be deep-thoughts-friends even when they've got jobs and I'm living off the money I make from my paintings.

I want all that with what we've got now, but the question is, is what we've got now enough?

Smells like you

Honey it smells like you and I stop in my tracks
Blink hard and try to see where I am
Breathe in deep and go looking for the smell
That stopped my heart oh I know I'm going to hell

But the only thing I still like about you is your perfume
When it smells like you I think of all that you'd do
Your pretty eyes and the way they'd look into mine
Lunch, sweet kissing and glasses of wine

I see you and I feel just about nothing
But if it smells like you I know I'm in trouble

Spread yourself too thin, go ahead

Then take a break and go back to the craziness.

For instance, sign up for gym, join a band, take up unnecessary extracurricular activities, volunteer, dance, write; run around losing your mind and summer weight.

And then take a one-month break from gym and extracurricular rubbish. Breathe. Study. Upload notes and all.

Seriously though - STUDY!!

Ok bye now

LGBT = Perverts?

My friend Nayana Rajnish, who is a brilliant wacko genius zoned out INFP (xNFP siblingness shining through), answered my query about homosexuality perfectly, and although it is not MY brainvomit, I feel like the world would benefit from this information so I'm going to blog about it now.

A little context here: The only argument against homosexuality that I couldn't argue against effectively was that by vice of the attraction one may feel towards a person of the same sex being (biologically) not normal, homosexuality is sexual perversion.

Nayana's answer to this absolute distinction was that it would be unfair - given our stage in evolution, our intellectual superiority over other species and our population - to compare our sexuality, which in today's world is highly psychological, to theirs.

The great purpose of human heterosexuality is procreation. It is safe to say humans no longer need to procreate to further our species because there are PLENTY of us. Therefore ho…

Life is all about love

Love for another, for oneself, romantic, platonic, familial, maternal, paternal, tough love, unrequited love, love for a subject, your work, an object, a pet, a hobby - but love in the end.


Butterflies, blushes, kisses and smiles
Sweet little nothings and being lost in your eyes

<3 <3 <3


To fear or admire those who sleep easily?
Admire them, because we cannot
Or fear them, for they have no guilt?