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"Hey guys"

I know I'm totally rambling right now, but "Hey guys" is like my catchphrase. It's the first think i say in every one of my videos, the first thing i type in my conversational posts, and i am starting to get sick of it, just a tiny bit.

In other news, I have had a generally productive week-after-exams:
March 21   my birthday. FUN!
March 22   road trip. Bought 22 books!!!
March 23   mom's birthday. Ate out, watched a movie.. also fun!
March 24   Finished Anna Karenina, Let It Snow, started this blog
March 25   Started Youtube channel (Project CCTV), found hidden books, started writing!

So far, I am sort of happy with my progress..

That's it until tonight.


Am I Blue?

It is winter in this city and winter in my heart As gusty winds of despair wail through its cracks I try, with frigid futility, to stoke the fires Of rage and passion, but my heart is frozen over No happy ember of enthusiasm Nor warm embrace of empathy Could melt the glaciers of gloom trickling slowly through my veins Chilling my bones and I drag my feet One step ahead of the last Failing miserably to get anywhere But they say the least I can do is try Try to move, try to see Beyond this fog of lethargy Before it swallows me whole And while my extremities thaw I will have melted into the mediocrity And insignificance of oblivion Rescue me o happy innocence of childhood Turn to molten chocolate the blades of ice that threaten to pierce my heart Keep me young and strong And foolish and productive Keep me going Help me fight my battle against my own inactivity Before it is too late
And my life ends before it had even begun

Castles in air

Castles in air are made of glass Mine are plummeting to the earth Minutes away from A tragic but beautiful explosion Of light and shards of broken dreams Burning holes in the eyes Of those who chose to watch Ripping to shreds the hearts Of those who could not Punishing them for their misplaced faith In time and effort And me
It is too late now I cannot prevent the descent of my dreams Nor alleviate the pain of those who care If my own heart aches far worse than I can bear
The walls of ice in my heart are cracking Under pressure from a river of tears Crushed under the weight of sorrow And miserable, stupid regret
No; I cannot stop my castles Constructed by hours of careful calculation From falling, but perhaps I could cushion the impact With sincerity of effort so that When my life finally comes to shambles
There will be no pain – mine, or That of those so foolishly benevolent That they tried to help me

SONNET on a winter day

The weather is so gay This wonderful sunny day Its warmth and gentle breeze Rustling the leaves Of old, tired, dusty trees Hope and happiness Replacing the woes of winter From their dry, tired barks And our sad, weary hearts Isn't it lovely? To have no worry To sit outside and enjoy Listening to the stories Of the Traveler’s joy

If, in the midst of battle, you get tired, you die.

This is no time to rest To cool off you heels at dusk Or play cards with friends
No, this is no time to be at ease
This is that time when You must fight with your last breath Against yourself and your friends And against fatigue and lethargy
This is that time when You must refuse compassion Or empathy Or offers to get out
Because one hundred million others Are working all day Into the night Until daybreak Tirelessly
Because one hundred million others Can not Will not
Take it easy

Jan 17, 2014

Rome burns to the ground While we rest our able minds And agile bodies “Waiting” “Preparing,” we say For the next battle More dangerous than this one And inevitable if we go on this way Do you hear yourselves, men?
Rise, my comrades And fight, today So we may rest forever more Fight today, one last time
To avert a terrible war

Jan 15, 2014

If I have halted – Pressed down on my brakes It is because I am gathering momentum Revving my engines before I run my race Full speed Flying an inch off the ground Irreproachable Unstoppable Victorious
Just you wait and watch

Silence and Hypocrisy

Death rains down upon Nature
Leaves fall out of the sky
Falling in clusters
Falling as branches
Falling as trees - once so high
Felled by man
Stupid, short-sighted disgrace
Blind to the consequences of his actions
Running an impossible race

The birds are gone, the bees are gone
The squirrels have fled
Death drove them away as it descended
Their home - their tree - is dead

But what argument have I?
It is the glory of money
And all it can buy
Versus an inconvenient tree

A man has crippled my muse
And I can say nor do a thing
For it wasn't mine to defend
Nor his to endure
And if I kept quiet about death
I should keep quiet about this

Now he has a little more space to breathe
And I must think of a crippled tree
Its beauty destroyed, my art tainted
With the burden of silence and hypocrisy

Leaving the Nest

November approaches, too close for comfort And as I see autumn leaves falling off Leaving their trees bare, settling into the dirt A breeze blows by, shaking more off And bees and birds, startled, fly off, unhurt
And I wonder, is this what they feel Our parents and teachers,  When they watch us growing up,  Helpless onlookers in our struggles Trying to catch up Because we've grown up too fast And are getting ready to leave the nest at last?

If only I could jump over the roofs And ask that old tree to pause for a while Don't let them go so soon, I'd say Let your branches stay green for just another day
Why do I feel this impending doom? Why is May rushing at me so soon? Let me stay for a little while more Let me study just a little bit more
Let me get this right Let me put up a good fight Against myself and the past And do my best
Before I leave the nest


A thousand tiny clusters Of fresh, happy green
Growing through the summers
Dazzling with their sheen
Growing to protect
Growing to provide
Rewarded with neglect
And misplaced pride

In our ability to plunder
To pillage, to use
Nature in its wonder
It is time now, to choose
To preserve and to save
Our savior, the tree
Fight now, be brave
You owe it to the tree

With the smell of sweet flowers
And the rustle of copper leaves
One beholds the tree that towers
And its thousand brazen sieves
Tell tales of a better tomorrow
No hunger and no sorrow

Mighty, this tree, stands
Powerless at our hands

But should it be?

Cheating and Plagiarism: Ticking Time-Bombs

Cheating, although repeatedly discouraged in assemblies at my school, has become an inescapable evil. 
The cheaters practice their unfair means covertly as well as openly: verbally exchanging answers, showing solutions by lifting answer-sheets, peeking, opening windows in freezing cold weather and multiple elusive and well-camouflaged sign languages are so expertly used that the victims of these thefts do not realize when and how their answers are being stolen and reproduced, as rapidly and as repulsively as the breeding of rabbits.
Cheating is not limited to tests or exams - excruciatingly boring assignments, project reports and homework are also tainted by the menace of plagiarism. 
Cheating and plagiarism are an easy way out. They are addictive, destructive forms of escapism, as tragic as drug abuse; as difficult to quit, until it is too late and the damage has been done. They cripple students, making them rely on the benevolence of their hard-working peers. They allow students to sto…

The Concept of God

My search for God was a conscious, difficult, frustrating process. I have been an atheist for as long as I can remember, but one day, my mind thrust the definition of God into my hands, and I was elated. After the euphoria faded, the question, "Now what?" emerged.
So I decided I would explain the concept of God.
Imagine some well-meaning fool sat to write about GOOD, but got the spelling wrong and wrote "God". Connect the dots - God is definitely good; just literally. Think about it - what if God was actually the quality of goodness? So I have come to the conclusion that "God" represents honesty, integrity, optimism, bravery, productivity, independence et. al. - most of the virtues we have been taught since infancy to look up to and emulate. Doesn't it make sense? God, then, is truly in your heart.
Forget everything you know about religion - start blank. God is no person; personifying good will get us nowhere. We do not need a person to attach feelings o…

Begin to be, today, what you hope to be tomorrow.

They say success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Fair enough, but I disagree. Success is a habit. Success is the Jockey mindset: All or Nothing. You have a goal, you achieve it. Pick a new goal, and then achieve that, too. Stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

Frederick Nietzche said, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". Wise man. My goal is to score above 80% in class 12. I have four months in hell to look forward to, but I don't care. When it's over, I will be set for life: taller, stronger, and better-equipped to face whatever the world throws at me.

It all boils down to a decision. We can decide to make something of our lives, or we can let it go to waste. The choice is elementary, but the passion and determination to see it through distinguishes the extraordinary from the mundane.

Allow me to illustrate with a real-life example: when I chose the Science stream, and then opted for math (my mortal enemy) I knew how hard it was going to be. I k…

What has Grace High School taught me?

Shall I list all the virtues I embody today, all the pride and respect for my school so typical of a Grace High student? Shall I say that Grace High has taught me honesty and tolerance? That I have learned to love the acquisition of knowledge from my years at Grace High? Would it suffice to say that Grace High has taught me to prepare myself for my future?
No; Grace High has taught me so much, so very much that I can scarcely remember what I knew before. If I were to actually attempt the Herculean task of listing it all, I believe I would begin at the beginning, when I entered the gates of GHS, confused, terrified yet excited, as a child of ten.
Shall I try, then?
In my first year at GHS, in 5th grade, I learned the art of self-study. I learned to read voraciously, greedily, endlessly, every line of text that dared cross my path, and I was taught to take pride in my capacity for knowledge. I learned that it is impossible to please everyone, and was taught that it was tragicomically fool…


It hurts Like a steel monster Staring me down Crushing my throat Punching my guts When I The ugly duckling Look in the same mirror As you, the fair one Who is ugly inside
You do not deserve your beauty Nor I, my lack thereof Yet if I were beautiful And you were not My heart would have been As ugly As you
Why, then, do I rue your luck If “all that matters is what’s inside”
They lied Looks do matter But I do not know why


Hey guys!

I'm Moira Kayle. I think a lot. And write.

I'm an INFP (the Luna Lovegood kind, in fact my friends tell me we're un-biological clones). My friends also describe me as a dreamer, a mystical, fairytale creature, so I've chosen "The Mystical Unicorn" as my blog name.

Of course, I have unintentionally let on that I will be flooding the world with rainbows, happiness, fairydust and the like, but no. I'm the shy, broody, "I worry about these humans" type of unicorn..