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Life in a PG is environmentally irresponsible

In an entire day, a hostel or pg-dweller does more damage to the environment than he/she would do in a week at home.
Starting from midnight (because most are usually awake until much after), the obvious offenses are: keeping multiple lights on (if more than one light is available), keeping the chargers (yes, multiple chargers – for the phone, laptop, mp3 player, roommate’s phone’s charger, roommate’s laptop’s charger etc) plugged in, leaving the fan switched on while huddled under a nice, soft comforter, playing loud music (yes it’s an offense. What do you think your neighbors would term it as?) (especially after midnight) and so on. The less obvious offenses are: ordering takeout just before closing time, eating the pizza/noodles/whatever hours later, realizing that it’s cold and no longer delicious, and then heating it in the microwave and, realizing that it just isn’t the same and upon loss of appetite, throwing it in the bin, which, quite likely, is the same for wet and dry trash. …