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Hobo Saturday™ - the logic

For the uninitiated, Hobo Saturday is every Saturday that you are forced to attend class on, and to pretend to care about getting an education, and when you wear your most drab clothes and no makeup or accessories and go through those few hours of class purely out of obligation. Here's a jingle about the same:
Hobo Saturday
Doesn't matter day
Don't bother with your hair
Doesn't matter what you wear 
Roll out of bed
Shake your sleepy head
And walk into class on Hobo Saturday

Hobo Saturday is less a state of mind, more a welcome break from the urge to dress well and look on point every single day of the week. It's an opportunity for 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning; a day when you can just relax and focus on more important things like enduring class, and let your true colors (or lack thereof) shine through. It is a day when you are encouraged to not let your dark circles or muted clothing affect your valuation of yourself, and a blessed day of liberating freedom fro…