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The Green Agenda

Growing up, my personal experience with environment conservation efforts, coupled with acute egocentrism, led me to believe that everyone else had had my eco-conscious upbringing, that everyone had a biogas unit, a compost pit, saplings and a home garden, solar heating, rainwater harvesting, a waste segregation system, a laundry timetable and a reduce-reuse-recycle habit in their homes. Imagine my culture shock when I moved to C.L. Layout in Bangalore for my B.A. degree. Solar heating is a rarity, waste restriction and segregation were unheard of, and eating out daily is the norm. It is not as much a matter of negligence as it is of convenience. I took no time to develop these errant habits, and it showed – my room began to exist as a mess, my skin broke out in pimples that I thought I was rid of, and my already delicate constitution was further endangered by takeaway McDonald’s and parcelled paneer rolls. I saved time. I saved money. I was always instantly gratified. I spent my days …


They say you need to love yourself before you can love another
My Warrior Princess of Badassery Two similar pieces of a jigsaw puzzle never fit just right with each other And if you and I are similarly odd similarly flat similarly skinny little pieces of a puzzle in hobo pants, war paint and Samurai hair At least I know that we are two ill-fated, slightly banged up irregular pieces of the same puzzle. And I love you regardless - I am almost glad I can't not.

"It is hard to stop loving the ocean"

I've washed you out of the clothes I took back from your apartment But the smell still lingers In the air You still linger In the breeze in my hair In that canvas still bare In the colors I do not wear Anymore.
Your love is a sweet vortex and I'm free falling out of reality
I speak my honest lies
As long as we can keep up the pretense your glitter laugh is my momentary truth sweet pirate-breath pixie
I was not made for winter - 
I was not made for your song and dance
For love, and sparkly lights,


Heyy everybody!

Yesterday a government official put me in a box (which I didn't even notice until my brother pointed out the giant ribbon on my head) and I'm still somewhat disturbed, so let me address this unruly tenant of the bed and breakfast that is my brain and get closure so I can focus on more important things to stress about, like not going to prison this academic year. #optimismingthru

Let us begin. We had some work in the passport department so my brother can enter and inhabit his CalTech mothership without any trouble, and the cop lady asked us some smart alecky questions about our citizenship and residence, and then the procedural questions about our age and where we're educating ourselves and my sister is a 23-year-old engineer and my brother is an 18-year-old future scientist and she asks me what I do and my mother, my brother and I answer at the same time saying "Bangalore madhye BA kartiye" (doing BA in Bangalore) and "English Literature&quo…

Breakfast for champions: coconut mocha smoothie

1. Chilled Dabur Hommade Coconut Milk (200ml carton)
2. 3 teaspoons of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
3. 1 teaspoon Magic Powder™ (instant coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg)
Mix well: Look at that consistency!
Drizzle chocolate syrup for effect:
And enjoy!
P.S. It's really very thick - one 200ml smoothie will legitimately suffice as breakfast. I couldn't finish even half - it's in the fridge now. But it's beautiful so I've kept it for when I run out of will to live as I try to keep up with Literary Theory

Age as a factor in dating

Some characteristics in potential dating partners are very grey areas - physical appearance, dating history, matching interests, and age, for instance.

For the longest time, I firmly held the belief that I should only date someone older than me. I held the view that since boys (in general) are dumber than girls their age, it would be safe to assume that I'd never gain anything out of a relationship with a younger boy. My stance can be debunked on many counts.
Firstly, many boys older than me are still dumber than me - case in point: Dumbshit. Also, Anant is both smarter and wiser than me, and he's two years younger than me.
Secondly, what if I were to date a girl? Would I want her to be older or younger than me?
Thirdly, what if I had never known about his/her age? I'd probably fall for him/her. The personality would (and should) suffice.
Lastly, I'd linked age with maturity, which is perhaps a fail approach. There is at least one conscientious, hella smart, kind, swe…

Hobo Saturday™ - the logic

For the uninitiated, Hobo Saturday is every Saturday that you are forced to attend class on, and to pretend to care about getting an education, and when you wear your most drab clothes and no makeup or accessories and go through those few hours of class purely out of obligation. Here's a jingle about the same:
Hobo Saturday
Doesn't matter day
Don't bother with your hair
Doesn't matter what you wear 
Roll out of bed
Shake your sleepy head
And walk into class on Hobo Saturday

Hobo Saturday is less a state of mind, more a welcome break from the urge to dress well and look on point every single day of the week. It's an opportunity for 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning; a day when you can just relax and focus on more important things like enduring class, and let your true colors (or lack thereof) shine through. It is a day when you are encouraged to not let your dark circles or muted clothing affect your valuation of yourself, and a blessed day of liberating freedom fro…

Food poisoning: 3rd time :S

Hello my lovelies :)
It's time for a life update! This week has been eventful - I got sick, went to the hospital, rested, attended class and practice and on more than one occasion convinced myself I'm either clinically insane or dying of stomach cancer. Mercifully, I am neither.
Sunday evening was a time of indulgence, with chaat and TV, before yet another stressful week of college, but it took a nasty turn when I got violently sick, vomiting multiple times, the last time, with blood. The next day, my roommate took me to the hospital, where I saw the inside of an Emergency Room for the first time in my life. I was underwhelmed. It was sluggish and siesta-paced, until the doctors told me they'd have to insert a tube into my stomach to check for bleeding. I thought I could take it. However what I didn't know was that he tube would go down my nose. I had to swallow down nearly 2 feet of plastic tube, retching pathetically all the way. Fun times :| I admit there were tears o…

Instructable series: fashion

February is the last month of winter and the last month of low-pressure dressing up we have left. No more jackets, sweaters, scarves, tights or layers, and although that makes me and my insecurities very sad, I shall make the most of the three weeks that remain. And in order to help you do the same, here is a pictorial:
This week in Instructables: Winter Dressing for the Pear Shaped! This guide is more about easy warmth, so I assume you already have on well-fit clothes such as your favorite basic LBD or jeans and plain tee or regular formals, along with appropriate footwear.
Layering, quite intuitively, is the simplest, most affordable way of keeping warm, allowing you to pair your good ol’ sundress with a chic cardigan or jacket, and spruce up your everyday college clothes with trendy sweaters and scarves.
As always, be playful with colors and prints, contrasts and textures, and DFTSA.

Instructables series: Classroom Conduct

How to Slack Politely We are all far too familiar with the dreaded but inevitable mid-lecture emotional breakdown of our less tolerable professors. Classroom discipline is a task when the professor is incompetent or the lecture useless. However, in the greater interests of humanity, and as an act of kindness, it is important to zone out or discuss vacation plans or even doodle - with tact and stealth.

To begin with, let me remind you of talking-relevant cheats in the mindless videogame that is, say, a Psych lecture. Firstly, never look at the person you're talking to. Conduct your conversation with your eyes on the professor or slides and your hands Dumbledore-style inconspicuously hovering near your face. Do not gesticulate or move your head too much. Also, if it weren't obvious, hush. This way, you will appear thoughtful and contemplative as opposed to rude and a painful reminder of the vanity of the professor's efforts. Naturally, this applies only in cases where you a…

Why we sing: Meera and Literature

Until as late as the seventh grade, I disliked my English classes. I was taught grammar by rote, made to copy 'creative writing' assignments off the board, and one too many of my sensible and logical answers were not graded for not being worded exactly as directed. Until the seventh grade, I was a back-bencher by choice, not (at the time) by height order. I even got slapped for refusing to do my homework, which I considered was pointless anyway.

Then, in the first English hour of eighth grade, our new teacher, Mrs. Chakraborty, assigned us a writing task and let us complete it all by ourselves, without intervention. Grinning and eager, an enthusiastic first-desk student for the first time in my life, I finished the task (quite well, compared to my ill-read, sunburnt classmates) and was neither corrected on inane grounds nor humiliated, but praised, for functional grammar, clarity of thought and above-par vocabulary. Over the next few years, Mrs. Chakraborty taught me to organ…


As a person who once had EDs, this self food monitoring would have been alarming, but I control my emotions. I decide whether I spend all day asleep, hiding, depressed, or have my shit together.