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Vegan Ice Cream Recipe


300 mL super-thick coconut milk
1 large banana, sliced

4 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp pancake syrup
3 tbsp maida

50 mL ice-cold water

Blend coconut milk and banana slices generously Mix sugar, cinnamon, flour, syrup;  Heat in microwave for 40 seconds Keep a cloth-type strainer on the rim of the blender Pour ^mixture into said cloth-type strainer Pour the ice-cold water into the strainer, use a spoon if necessary to push the contents into the blender
Remove strainer (:P) and blend
Pour into airtight container and stick it in the FREEZER, After two hours, blend semisolid contents. After two more hours, blend contents. Leave undisturbed for three hours.