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angsty breakup post


April 2018

It's been a tough few days, weeks, months, year(s?) since I
found you and started losing you before I even had you I've
gotten sicker and heavier and heavier and heavier and most days I
can't tell sadness and gravity apart
I've let bottles of cheap alcohol and boxes of menthol cigarettes come and go
before I could let you go
let us go
Let me go you bitch 

February 2018

Do I miss you or the feelings? Fuzzy ones, warm ones, like my grey socks but not grey - actually, give me the grey I'd rather not feel anything at all than the deep and unrelenting sadness of being alive

Figures, grey is your favorite color.

March 2018

Why do I keep coming back to you like a stuck anchor? You're still my only point of reference I know nothing else and I can't progress, like driving 8030 km with the handbrake on-
I made it, but does anything work anymore? 

January 2018

I'm still here in these grey sheets I bought to remind me of you so of course they f…