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Movie idealism

Of the numerous genres available in the film industry today, action is the worst offender as far as the perpetration of blind hate, violence, sexism and amorality is concerned. Granted, the various censor boards deserve recognition for their enthusiastic campaign against sleaze, tobacco, booze, graphic details and the associated evils. However, their utter indifference regarding the CONTENT of action movies is disturbing.

Young, impressionable children, when exposed to the attitude their favorite movie-stars have to adopt when portraying gangsters or mafia, begin to emulate it. The concepts of masculinity, masochism and chauvinism cease to be different, and they grow up to be "tough guys", who have learnt how to treat women, from criminals. Movies today propagate the 'bad boy' image as cool, popular and ideal. And young schoolboys who don't know better accept this image!
At this rate, the Indian society can only be described as kicking down the doors to crime, chao…