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LGBT = Perverts?

My friend Nayana Rajnish, who is a brilliant wacko genius zoned out INFP (xNFP siblingness shining through), answered my query about homosexuality perfectly, and although it is not MY brainvomit, I feel like the world would benefit from this information so I'm going to blog about it now.

A little context here: The only argument against homosexuality that I couldn't argue against effectively was that by vice of the attraction one may feel towards a person of the same sex being (biologically) not normal, homosexuality is sexual perversion.

Nayana's answer to this absolute distinction was that it would be unfair - given our stage in evolution, our intellectual superiority over other species and our population - to compare our sexuality, which in today's world is highly psychological, to theirs.

The great purpose of human heterosexuality is procreation. It is safe to say humans no longer need to procreate to further our species because there are PLENTY of us. Therefore ho…