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angsty breakup post


April 2018

It's been a tough few days, weeks, months, year(s?) since I
found you and started losing you before I even had you I've
gotten sicker and heavier and heavier and heavier and most days I
can't tell sadness and gravity apart
I've let bottles of cheap alcohol and boxes of menthol cigarettes come and go
before I could let you go
let us go
Let me go you bitch 

February 2018

Do I miss you or the feelings? Fuzzy ones, warm ones, like my grey socks but not grey - actually, give me the grey I'd rather not feel anything at all than the deep and unrelenting sadness of being alive

Figures, grey is your favorite color.

March 2018

Why do I keep coming back to you like a
-a stuck anchor? you're still my only point of reference I know nothing else and I can't progress
Like driving 8030 km with the handbrake on-
I made it, but does anything work anymore? 

January 2018

I'm still here in these grey sheets I bought to remind me of you so of course they…

Dream Girl

your love is a sweet vortex and I'm free falling out of reality
I speak my honest lies
As long as we can keep up the pretence your glitter laugh is my momentary truth sweet pirate-breath pixie

You know how Disney songs have that mental scale change, 
and chimes and birdsong and falling petals in the background? Mae sounds like that.  Like sparkly things. Like dust glinting in sunlight.  Looks like it, too - she's got this lotion with glitter in it, and it makes her smell like a bakery -  so when she's talking to you  or listening to your mundane, unimportant, decidedly drab stories with absolute, undivided attention,  leaning in, eyes wide, she looks edible.
Like the perfect pastel cupcake of Disneyland dreams: beautifully put together, wrapped in fancy handcrafted paper, tied together with some nonsensically cute bow tiny hand-cut sugar stars and hearts sprinkled artfully over flawless frosting
Perfect structure, perfect height, perfect contour, perfect highlight, perfect magi…

Jalebi Slam

I bought jalebis from a mithai store today, a mithai store - not a roadside cart - because my mother feels it is safer this way.

For six months after we came to India my mother boiled Aquaguard water so it would be safe enough for us to drink. For all of my life in Aurangabad - more than 12 years if we're counting my college vacations - my mother made pani puri at home from scratch so we wouldn't contract water-borne diseases.

For all our years in India since my parents returned from dad's chemo my mother would wake us 25 minutes too early, even when sleep was more precious to her than it was to us, even though the school bus for 8:45 AM class came to our stop at 7:20 - which is no time to even be awake if you ask my sister - to feed us "real" breakfast in addition to an unnecessarily tall glass of milk before school,
everyday, so she could give us enough fuel to last until recess and sustain our growing bodies through puberty.

My mother made cream spinach and b…