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They say you need to love yourself before you can love another
My Warrior Princess of Badassery Two similar pieces of a jigsaw puzzle never fit just right with each other And if you and I are similarly odd similarly flat similarly skinny little pieces of a puzzle in hobo pants, war paint and Samurai hair At least I know that we are two ill-fated, slightly banged up irregular pieces of the same puzzle. And I love you regardless - I am almost glad I can't not.

"It is hard to stop loving the ocean"

I've washed you out of the clothes I took back from your apartment But the smell still lingers In the air You still linger In the breeze in my hair In that canvas still bare In the colors I do not wear Anymore.
Your love is a sweet vortex and I'm free falling out of reality
I speak my honest lies
As long as we can keep up the pretense your glitter laugh is my momentary truth sweet pirate-breath pixie
I was not made for winter - 
I was not made for your song and dance
For love, and sparkly lights,