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Food poisoning: 3rd time :S

Hello my lovelies :)
It's time for a life update! This week has been eventful - I got sick, went to the hospital, rested, attended class and practice and on more than one occasion convinced myself I'm either clinically insane or dying of stomach cancer. Mercifully, I am neither.
Sunday evening was a time of indulgence, with chaat and TV, before yet another stressful week of college, but it took a nasty turn when I got violently sick, vomiting multiple times, the last time, with blood. The next day, my roommate took me to the hospital, where I saw the inside of an Emergency Room for the first time in my life. I was underwhelmed. It was sluggish and siesta-paced, until the doctors told me they'd have to insert a tube into my stomach to check for bleeding. I thought I could take it. However what I didn't know was that he tube would go down my nose. I had to swallow down nearly 2 feet of plastic tube, retching pathetically all the way. Fun times :| I admit there were tears o…

Instructable series: fashion

February is the last month of winter and the last month of low-pressure dressing up we have left. No more jackets, sweaters, scarves, tights or layers, and although that makes me and my insecurities very sad, I shall make the most of the three weeks that remain. And in order to help you do the same, here is a pictorial:
This week in Instructables: Winter Dressing for the Pear Shaped! This guide is more about easy warmth, so I assume you already have on well-fit clothes such as your favorite basic LBD or jeans and plain tee or regular formals, along with appropriate footwear.
Layering, quite intuitively, is the simplest, most affordable way of keeping warm, allowing you to pair your good ol’ sundress with a chic cardigan or jacket, and spruce up your everyday college clothes with trendy sweaters and scarves.
As always, be playful with colors and prints, contrasts and textures, and DFTSA.