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Objectification of Women in Indian Cinema

The irony in an independent, educated young woman asserting her freedom and right to wear what she pleases and sing along and dance to whichever item song she wants, cannot be missed. In this post, I will outline the objectification of women in Bollywood dance numbers as analyzed and discussed by Ms. Deebanjana Pal, at the "Gender in Cinema: Gendering Film Screens" workshop I attended this semester.

Ms. Pal presented her talk with the help of 4 clips from Indian movies from different time periods. Using these, she criticized notions about women even as they evolved. She also explored the sexuality of leading ladies in these films, in terms of overtly sexy behavior.

The first clip she showed us was Dimple Kapadia's infamous sarong scene in Bobby. Ms Kapadia's striptease there was a demonstration of the constant scrutiny femalekind are subject to: The heroine in that clip is shown to be unaware of being watched. She has no idea abut the creepy man in the background ma…

Taxation in Provident Fund

Firstly, what were they thinking. This is possibly the stupidest thing our Government has thought of for its employees. The Provident fund is based on the premise of ensuring welfare for one's own. When you take away anything from that already meagre amount, you place your employees in further financial insecurity. Not smart at all. And imagine all the bad press!

Age as a factor in dating

Some characteristics in potential dating partners are very grey areas - physical appearance, dating history, matching interests, and age, for instance.

For the longest time, I firmly held the belief that I should only date someone older than me. I held the view that since boys (in general) are dumber than girls their age, it would be safe to assume that I'd never gain anything out of a relationship with a younger boy. My stance can be debunked on many counts.
Firstly, many boys older than me are still dumber than me - case in point: Dumbshit. Also, Anant is both smarter and wiser than me, and he's two years younger than me.
Secondly, what if I were to date a girl? Would I want her to be older or younger than me?
Thirdly, what if I had never known about his/her age? I'd probably fall for him/her. The personality would (and should) suffice.
Lastly, I'd linked age with maturity, which is perhaps a fail approach. There is at least one conscientious, hella smart, kind, swe…

Why NOT to date that ENFP

(based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that classifies personalities based on the traits Extraversion versus Introversion, iNtuition versus Sensing, Feeling versus Thinking, and Judgement versus Perception)

To begin with, you will never actually, formally "date" one. They do not tolerate the formality and lack of authenticity of the whole dating thing. What will happen is, one day you'll meet them and you will be like ah what a cute, simple golden retriever and then you'll see them at a poetry club or protest and then you'll start hanging out and soon enough you spend every waking minute with this little shit and before you know it he/she has kissed you and you are no longer in control of your life. That's as simple as it is. An ENFP will charm your pants off and crack through the stone walls of your heart without either of you even realizing it. ENFPs are lovely. They work very, very hard to be.

Here are a few very valid reasons not to date the ENFP that…