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Christmas Concerts, yayayayayay!!

Magnificat starts tomorrow and I am too excited to possibly blog about anything else.

As you know (if you've stalked this blog (like some people :3)) I'm in my college choir and it is fun and takes up 73% of my life but I'm not complaining. We organize an annual 3-day open-to-all Christmas concert called Magnificat - A Song of Hope in the first weekend of December and choirs from all over the city come and perform and delight us with their choral harmony in the spirit of Christmas. Magnificat is presently in its 10th year, and this year, it's going to be 4 days - 4th, 5th, 6th and 12th December!
We have been slogging for the backdrop and props creation for two weeks now and we have these adorable glittery string lanterns ready that we made using some mad string and glue and starch and water and the bonds of friendship, and holly and wreaths and a cool rad set list and even though other choirs are probably going to be more cheerful and Christmas-ey, we are still the hosts…

Monday morning epiphany

Everyone has an ulterior motive for everything. But that's alright. "Ulterior motives" is a colorless term. What matters is what exactly the ulterior motive in question is.

TrulyMadly, meh

This week I shall review the TrulyMadly app for those that are curious to know how, or rather if, it works.

Okay, ladies, you have many, many options to choose from. A large bunch of the boys I was shown were really cute. You can set your preference as per age, height, state and city; furthermore the app matches the books you've read, movies you've watched, music you listen to and restaurants you visit to those of your "matches" (as the boys whose profiles you're shown are called). The app uses hashtags (minimum 3, maximum 5) to match personality traits, I'm guessing, since the suggestions that matched #artist #bookworm #writer #singer #vegan were mostly foodies, adventure junkies, music snobs, nature seekers, travel buffs, photography types or animal lovers. In the beginning I went a little like-happy, "liking" almost 75% of the profiles I was shown. After conversations with a few of them I realized the necessity for scrutiny and filtering and drop…