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"That's what makes you beautiful"

Is it? Why is being clueless about your beauty considered an addition to it? Doesn't it imply either stupidity or insecurity or both?

In all the time that I've had to think in this past week, especially with the absence of my phone, I've concluded that being unaware of your beauty is just another cultural imposition, like "How sweet, she doesn't know she's beautiful. What a darling." There's a billion songs out there, too, reinforcing this nonsense modesty and actually making insecurity an important contributor to teenage likeability. 
I'm sorry, but if an attractive person did not see himself/herself that way, they would either be unhealthily insecure, stupid or (I mean this with no disrespect) blind. Unfortunately, though, in today's world, if you're clueless about how pretty you are, you're cute and adorable, but if you're aware of how pretty you are, you're considered (very rarely) intimidatingly beautiful or (most likely) …

Don't get excited because everything fails

This week I shall wallow in undeserved self-pity about my bad luck, poor timing and general misfortune.
So I just wrote a beautiful philosophical article on the importance of not eating on the bed and the lessons you learn in PG-life and how, more often than you'd like, your mom is right. Turns out, your dad is also right, and you should save your work every time you get up, even if it's just to pee, because I've just lost that article. It is now in the abyss, in the void, among unpublished blog posts that never saw the light because the person who wrote them wasn't paying attention (unlike me. I only went downstairs to receive a care package from home that contained the two dry fruits that I despise, in insanely large quantities.) Let me document this fail weekend in my life:
Friday night to Saturday morning: some time in my sleep, I was bitten by a red ant in the eye region, resulting in a very attractive blue-lipped, pale-faced, slightly loopy, partly-homeless-partly-…