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Darkside Cat Don't Know What It's Done

there's a little black cat
they call him Hamartia
he's a cute little brat
he was the death of Marcia

don't blame the little black cat
it don't know what it's done
when you saw it cross your path
should've seen trouble come
Marcia lived in fear
when kitty wasn't near
her death came a' the hands of an engineer

don't blame the dark side cat
that cat is innocent - well
you think you gave your all
but whatever can go wrong, will
Marcia fell in love
but she was paranoid
Mr engineer got tired

(Marcia died of a broken heart)
the darkness is within you
it's not your fault that it's there
but it its and it could kill you
yeh KNOW that cat is innocent

daaaark siiiiiide caaaaaaat
don't know what it's done