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Statement of Purpose (500-word version)

Until as late as the seventh grade, I disliked my English classes. I was taught grammar by rote, made to copy 'creative writing' assignments off the board, and one too many of my sensible and logical answers were not graded for not being worded exactly as directed. Until the seventh grade, I was a back-bencher by choice, not (at the time) by height order. I even got slapped for refusing to do my homework, which I considered was pointless anyway.

Then, in the first English hour of eighth grade, our new teacher, Mrs. Chakraborty, assigned us a writing task and let us complete it all by ourselves, without intervention. Grinning and eager, an enthusiastic first-desk student for the first time in my life, I finished the task (quite well, compared to my ill-read, sunburnt classmates) and was neither corrected on inane grounds nor humiliated, but praised, for functional grammar, clarity of thought and above-par vocabulary. Over the next few years, Mrs. Chakraborty taught me to organ…


As a person who once had EDs, this self food monitoring would have been alarming, but I control my emotions. I decide whether I spend all day asleep, hiding, depressed, or have my shit together.

Bite off more than you can chew, always.

I have recently signed up for beginners' level French classes at Alliance Francaise, along with dance classes and my new and improved (ha, jok) choir schedule. I would feel overwhelmed, but I signed up for this life. Therefore, I shall make the best of it, and try to bring some order into my life.

I've been making meticulous and incredibly detailed timetables for myself since 5th grade which have failed me since the 5th grade, partly due to my mildly ADHD brain and partly due to how little I cared in life. Now, though, I care a lot about many very significant things. (I have, by the way, discovered the secret to being badass and not caring about mundane, mainstream things - to invest your heart and soul in bigger things, like your art or your work)

This time, my timetable cannot fail, because too many of the activities in it are inevitable. Now all the free time I have will be spent in the confines of campus, so I will be forced to put it to good use for lack of variety in sn…