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Yesterday a government official put me in a box (which I didn't even notice until my brother pointed out the giant ribbon on my head) and I'm still somewhat disturbed, so let me address this unruly tenant of the bed and breakfast that is my brain and get closure so I can focus on more important things to stress about, like not going to prison this academic year. #optimismingthru

Let us begin. We had some work in the passport department so my brother can enter and inhabit his CalTech mothership without any trouble, and the cop lady asked us some smart alecky questions about our citizenship and residence, and then the procedural questions about our age and where we're educating ourselves and my sister is a 23-year-old engineer and my brother is an 18-year-old future scientist and she asks me what I do and my mother, my brother and I answer at the same time saying "Bangalore madhye BA kartiye" (doing BA in Bangalore) and "English Literature" and "Arts," respectively, and this toad throws me a curveball and says "Aaplya ithe sudha aahet ki Arts sathi college" (we also have Arts colleges here (in Aurangabad)) (*) and I completely miss it and say something about I'm there for the course and it's top 6 in the country and my mother is like "ho tila Honors madhye admission milali" (Hahah yeah but she's been accepted into an Honors course) and toad cop lady does that thing with her face like I'm impressed so ima morph my face into the love child of Donald Trump and a black hole and later in the car my brother is like "poor kid has to deal with all of the stereotypes #artstudent #loafer #noambition and I'm just sitting there with my Aviators on like whoa.

Hey at least she didn't go all sexist woman on us like "hya pori mothya shaharaat zaun bighadtat paha". (oh but careful, these girls all go to big cities and get spoilt)

Anyway. When we went back home and my brain cooled down and resolidified (doesn't help that it's 41 degrees here) I processed cop lady's comment. here is my close-reading-critical-analysis-flowchart-explanation of: The Passport Cop Encounter.

Yay, overthinking! (the Amy within resurfaces) #letitgo

But I feel that the offence I took is not entirely invalid. There are certain implications of these labels that we must examine. So let's take a look at all of the boxes now, shall we :)))

BBA: #stoner #douchebag #northey 
SCIENCEr: #nerd #parentsrule
LAWkids: #chainsmoker #partaayyy
BHM: #allthefatkids

It's Christmas in ClicheLand! Now. Are you noticing some trends here, friend? (heheh literary devices)

Yeah. This shit is inaccurate, not comprehensive, and even offensive. We are so much more than these boxes; so also are the people we've compartmentalized. There are so many different species of #artstudent. Likewise for BCAs and BBAs and any other combination of mindblowing subjects people have chosen.

So. ClicheLand. Toad cop lady. Aunty next door. Loudmouth uncle. Random shop owner who thinks he can judge my life. Your boxes are pretty and neat and useful but also hella claustrophobic. Unwrap that shit. Let us out of the darkness.

(*) - the implication is that if I was to pursue the "sidey" discipline of Humanities, I could just as well stay in my hometown and save money


  1. it would be awesome if you could add a lil bit of interpretation of the language in english .The article was amazing good job:D


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