Leaving the Nest

November approaches, too close for comfort
And as I see autumn leaves falling off
Leaving their trees bare, settling into the dirt
A breeze blows by, shaking more off
And bees and birds, startled, fly off, unhurt

And I wonder, is this what they feel
Our parents and teachers, 
When they watch us growing up, 
Helpless onlookers in our struggles
Trying to catch up
Because we've grown up too fast
And are getting ready to leave the nest at last?

If only I could jump over the roofs
And ask that old tree to pause for a while
Don't let them go so soon, I'd say
Let your branches stay green for just another day

Why do I feel this impending doom?
Why is May rushing at me so soon?
Let me stay for a little while more
Let me study just a little bit more

Let me get this right
Let me put up a good fight
Against myself and the past
And do my best

Before I leave the nest


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