Begin to be, today, what you hope to be tomorrow.

They say success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Fair enough, but I disagree. Success is a habit. Success is the Jockey mindset: All or Nothing. You have a goal, you achieve it. Pick a new goal, and then achieve that, too. Stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

Frederick Nietzche said, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". Wise man. My goal is to score above 80% in class 12. I have four months in hell to look forward to, but I don't care. When it's over, I will be set for life: taller, stronger, and better-equipped to face whatever the world throws at me.

It all boils down to a decision. We can decide to make something of our lives, or we can let it go to waste. The choice is elementary, but the passion and determination to see it through distinguishes the extraordinary from the mundane.

Allow me to illustrate with a real-life example: when I chose the Science stream, and then opted for math (my mortal enemy) I knew how hard it was going to be. I knew precisely what sort of hell I had undertaken to endure. So when I had to face cynicism from teachers and friends about my ability to cope, I was tempted to employ the quasi-Gandhian means of hateful violence, and punch them into submission and silence. Instead, negative reinforcement worked its wonders and I have made peace with algebra.

Next we have the goal. Nobody's perfect; there is always a scope for improvement. Imagine you're competing in pole vault. Set your bar high enough that the world will look up at you in awe, but not so high that when you launch yourself, you fall on your face.

We've covered the choice and the goal. Next in line is planning. Don't ever think you've got it all figured out. No one can really tell where their lives will lead them. So while it is advisable to plan for the next test or assignment, do not plan out your life. Know only that you have goals, and must achieve them in succession.

Now, everyone knows that in today's world, being an all-rounder gets you wherever you want. We also have to improve our "soft-skills", which help infinitely in professional life. So it is important to start shaping ourselves now, while it counts. We must introspect, and accept our flaws so that we can change. We must be ready, today, with what we require tomorrow. Likewise, we must also discard all those traits which will hinder our progress in the future. Most importantly, we MUST start immediately. We must begin to be today, what we hope to be tomorrow.


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